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At a first visit, you will likely feel comfortable in our modern and wellness based Daniel Island clinic. Most, and nearly all my clients, look forward to counseling visits, there is not a stigma in therapy in the child friendly and validating approach you will find working with me. During the course of a first visit, you, your child, and/or your family will leave with a clear plan of how identified behaviors will be strengthened with the counseling strategies that WE agree upon as a team. I pride myself on “goodness of fit” with my clients, and I offer outcomes based therapy. By the end of a third visit, it is my professional goal that the counseling is visibly helpful, and by the end of a sixth visit it is expected that clients see worthwhile gains. I work with the whole child (behavior/family/education/learning style/medical/community, etc), holistically speaking, rather than trying to over-label or pathologize. Welcome to Elizabeth Evans, Therapeutic Counseling.

Daniel Island Clinic - streetside

Daniel Island Clinic – streetside

Daniel Island Clinic - inside

Daniel Island Clinic – inside

Please expect that I will return your call/email/text within 24 business hours, and new clients are worked in within a few business days of initial contact.


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